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After almost a 20 year hiatus, John entered the digital world of photography and was smitten a second time. The bug has John capturing nature visiting Africa and the Americas in search of beautiful creatures. Studio work with models in the off season and more recently travel and people photography visisting countries such as Cuba and soon Latin America will be added to the portfolio.
Initially John went with "photographic tour guides" until recently where he has done the leg work with lodges and is able to travel, saving a significant amount of money on big name tours.
John has taken a different approach to his wildlife images than most, preferring to make "limited edition" prints available through word of mouth, personal contact and a small quaint Art and Framing gallery in Streetsville. His breathtaking Images can be found gracing the walls of private homes and corporate offices and cottage retreats. 

My Equipment (which helps but it's not about the equipment): Currently shooting  with CANON  for the wildlife photography and  PHASE ONE XF for more of the Landscape images. Previously I was using NIKON. Both brands offer superb equipment. It's a matter of personal choice when it comes to equipment, each offering their own attributes.  

For my Headshot business at johngreed.photography I have a full studio set. You might want to consider updating your digital profile by visiting John and seeing what a difference some caoching and the correct lighting can make.


I have a number of skills that may be leveraged:

 CAPTURE ONE, LIGHTROOM, PHOTOSHOP, Retouching Services, Digital Image Manipulation, 

through my business at johngreed.photography.


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All of my photographs are copyright protected, all rights reserved. They may not be used for artist reference, blogged, reproduced, redistributed, copied or manipulated for commercial or personal use under any circumstances without my written consent.

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How I pay for these trips :)


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